Leveraging Technology to Work for You

Consulting & Coaching

We all get stuck and could use some help. Often it takes an outsider to not only see the obvious, but more importantly, effectively make the necessary changes. Who is challenging your thinking and encouraging you to be your best?

Convert Ideas to Action

People have lots of ideas and opinions. What separates the average from the best is action. Most people settle for talking about what could or should be. Winners take risks and action steps to see their ideas become a reality. Whether you need help coming up with fresh ideas or help implementing the great ideas you already have, let I Connect the Dots help.

Marketing & Design

You have created a compelling message. You have the best kept secret around. How do you get the word out to the right people? Graphic design, website, social media, advertising. You have an idea what you want, you just need some help connecting the marketing dots to get the most for your time and money. Let I Connect the Dots help you get better seen and heard.

What’s Next?

Now what? What’s next? You’re the leader and everyone is looking to you to point the direction to go next. Maintaining all you’ve built is important, but people follow leaders. Where are you leading others? What’s the next dot you need to connect? I Connect the Dots can help you determine the next step and help you take that all important next step.

"Helping ministries, non-profits & businesses do their work smarter."