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Ok, now you have an idea of what you need help with, but what’s the next step? Who do you reach out to and how to arrange an agreement with a consultant.

My goal is to meet your needs, so I’m not going to force you into my box. Let’s make it work for both of us. Typically, here are the most common ways I engage with my clients:

  1. Project Basis
    Client has a specific project or need. We discuss what the desired outcome is and we agree on a fee for what it’s worth. I get to work on it until it’s due. No surprises. The client gets my expertise and deliverables, I get compensated for the work done.
  2. Monthly Retainer
    Client may have an ongoing need or a project that spans several months or years. We agree on the scope of work expected each week or month and I’m compensated once or twice a month at an agreed on amount. Again, no surprises.
  3. Hourly Rate

    Honesty, this is my least favorite, but it works best if it is a short term assignment. The problem I have with it is it tends to lead to surprises for the client and or myself. Additionally, I don’t think of myself as an “hourly worker” so I’d prefer not to be treated as one. To me an hourly worker has an hourly mindset. Unfortunately, the clock becomes more the focus than the quality of work. My desire is to get the job done. If we agree up front on a fair price to get the job done, it really shouldn’t matter to either of us how many hours it takes me to get it done as long as I deliver on time. Nonetheless, it is an option.

Of course, I’m open to other options if you have other specific needs.

Call or email me. Let’s get to work!

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