Leveraging Technology to Work for You

Ministry Services Provided

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A  sample of ministry services I can partner with you on…

1. Communications: Branding
-Create a clear brand/image
-Coordinate consistent use of branding in print and digital

2. Communications: Internal (on site to staff & attendees)
-Evaluate, clarify and determine most effective forms of internal communication
-Intranet, email, texting, documentation, planning, process flow, indoor signage

3. Communications: External (off site to community)
-Evaluate, clarify and utilize most effective forms of external communication
-Website, blog, social media, advertising, outdoor signage, direct mail, etc.

4. Strategic Ministry Process
-Assimilation strategies and process (guests, follow-up, membership)
-Discipleship strategies and process (connect, grow, serve…)
-Practical execution of helping people take the next step

5. Implementation of Ministry Tools
-Church Management Software (ChMS) best usage
-Identify needs and leverage technology tools to maximize ministry efforts

6. Meeting Coordination
-Strategic meetings
-Team building


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