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One thing I plan to spend some time on in 2012 is developing a way for people to connect and grow in a virtual space. I’m not one of those who thinks technology is the answer for everything. But, I do believe technology used properly can greatly enhance our lives. All of us do life better together. Our culture is encouraging us to be more disconnected. My desire is to develop a relational, community enhancement tool that better connects people together in meaningful groups.

So, here’s how you can help. I’m going to be facilitating several of these online groups over the next year. If you’re interested in trying it out and being part of one of my groups, please email me or fill out the form below so I can include you in a group.

Here’s the info on Group 1

  • Group Type: Private, limited to 12 men
  • Content & Purpose: Biblical study, encouragement and accountability
  • Commitment:
    • Once a week virtual-online meeting (group will set the time)
    • Ongoing interaction in private Facebook group
    • 6 week period starting in mid-January ’12
  • Requirements:
    •   Facebook account
    •   Access to Internet via computer, tablet, or phone
    •   Optional: web camera, audio headset

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