Leveraging Technology to Work for You

The Answer is YES

You have questions, my answer is….”yes!” to these questions:

  1. Can I help you with strategic planning?
  2. Can I help you hire the next staff person?
  3. Can I help you reorganize your team to operate more efficiently?
  4. Can I help you do a profile analysis on your team players and suggest where they fit best on your bus?
  5. Can I help you create and cast a fresh new vision?
  6. Can I help you start a new ministry?
  7. Can I help you evaluate your current ministries and determine which ones need to stay and which ones need to go?
  8. Can I help you with a relocation plan?
  9. Can I help you with a building program?
  10. Can I help you rebrand your church or a ministry?
  11. Can I assist you in enhancing your digital footprint?
  12. Can I help you start or expand your social media strategy?
  13. Can I help you choose a new church management software solution?
  14. Can I help you implement new software?
  15. Can I help you create a powerfully interactive presentation to help tell your story?
  16. Can I assist you in writing, shooting, editing, and delivering a video project?
  17. Can I create a new or improved website presence for you?
  18. Can I lead your team/staff on a team building event?
  19. Can I plan your next staff retreat?
  20. Can I find ways to save you money with technology and innovation?